We are committed to raising a socially and environmentally responsible generation by implementing environmental projects and activities in schools for a sustainable future.

Our programs include;

1. Greening Schools

The greening schools project targets primary schools and secondary schools in Kenya with an aim of instilling environmental consciousness among children and creating a conducive learning environment for them.

We engage schools in tree planting activities, school beautification through landscaping, waste management practices where we train young children to make fuel briquettes using the classroom paper waste as well as dry leaves that fall on the ground.

2.Food Forests


There is no doubt that a child who grows up without adequate nutrition will face significant barriers to academic achievement. Also, most pupils especially in the rural and drought prone areas go a day without food. On this note, we are on a mission to be part of the solution to food security by facilitating schools’ feeding programs through establishing food forests in schools. This is a project for the schools and by the school going children within their school compound. We focus on growing fruit trees in green corners within the schools that we work with.

3. Environmental Education

Available for kindergarten, primary schools and high schools in a non-formal set up depending on the levels. This seeks to help the school going children acquire basic conservation skills that will help them in identifying and solving environmental problems for a sustainable future. The interactive activities we provide for them help them come up with innovative practical, relevant and cost-effective solutions towards conserving our planet. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate action is our key focus area.

4. Adopt A Tree Campaign

We are focused on growing tree seedlings rather than just planting. We focus on ensuring that the tree seedlings planted in schools grow up to maturity. That is why we involve students in planting and adopting tree seedlings in their school compound. Students plant and adopt trees in the school compound with a continuous follow up from our team.

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