We are committed to changing the mindset of the people towards environmental conservation. We are raising a generation of young, passionate environmentalists who will fight fearlessly to protect our environment. We envision a world where we can all live in harmony with nature without harming the planet.

A world where everybody is mindful of how they will leave the planet for generations to come. A world where we will put people and the planet before profits and a world where future generations will not have to suffer and deal with the consequences of environmental degradation caused by the previous generations

Our team's Quotes

~ANN Macharia~

‘We have a world to protect and a generation to save’

~Maurice Gathu~

"The climate emergency and ecological crisis is affecting us adversely. Therefore, we need to be prepared to innovate, use creativity and take collective action to create a conducive environment."

~Caroline KARIUKI~

“We should live our lives Conscious of our actions and our environment”

~Abdi Hussein~

“The FOCUS! should be on INTER-GENERATIONAL EQUITY! Our ancestors tried their best but we are FAILING! The consequences of environmental injustice is before our eyes, we are failing, but it’s never too LATE, how will we explain it to our future generations?”


“Every small effort counts. It doesn't matter who you are, how big or small you think you are. Do at least one thing to save our planet and have a safer future for us the future generations. We only have one habitable planet. Earth.”

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