We are giving the young people and especially children a chance to learn by doing and an opportunity to love nature and co-create their future because we believe that you protect what you love. We are creating a nature first culture now for a sustainable future that works for us all and we want everyone to be mindful of how they will leave this planet for generations to come.
Green Generation Initiative focuses on nurturing young environmental enthusiasts through greening schools, environmental education, addressing food insecurity by planting fruit trees and establishing food forests as well as inculcating a tree growing culture among people for forest cover increment through adopt a tree campaign.
“Teaching conservation to the next generation is important as attitudes and change of behaviour towards the earth’s natural resources begin at an early age. Environmental awareness to children will lead them to be proactive adults concerned about the welfare of their environment and the world they live in. Having grown up understanding the value of nature, I am always conscious of my lifestyle in that I always try to ensure that I impact the environment positively,” Elizabeth Wathuti

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