A Commitment to Environmental Conservation

Going green for the future we want

Going Green For The Future We Want

Green Generation Initiative nurtures young people to love nature and  be conscious of the environment. We do this through; practical environmental education, greening schools, food forests establishment and tree growing. 

Our Mission

We are committed to working locally to raise a socially and environmentally responsible generation while improving the social and environmental well being of our communities and nation.

Our Vision

A livable world that is environmentally safe for all.

Green Generation Initiative seeks to implement environmental solutions to shape a livable world now and a safe future for all

Join Us In This Journey,
Towards a Livable Planet.

Any tree grown today is tomorrow’s life save! Join us in promoting a tree growing culture as we dare to be forces of nature. 

Some team Quotes

Elizabeth Wathuti


“Despite being the most vulnerable to climate change, I believe children and young people in general have a great role to play in driving global action to address this crisis. That is why we cannot afford to leave them behind or ignore them.”.

Maurice Gathu

GGI Member

“The climate emergency and ecological crisis is affecting us adversely. Therefore, we need to be prepared to innovate, use creativity and take collective action to create a conducive environment.”

Grace Munyao

GGI Member

“Every small effort counts. It doesn’t matter who you are, how big or small you think you are. Do at least one thing to save our planet and have a safer future for us the future generations. We only have one habitable planet. Earth.”

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